Save Bantham Campaign

The Joint Local Plan for Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon

Bantham beach dunes with a view of Burgh Island
The Joint Local Plan for Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon Local Authorities is primarily about setting housing numbers and locations for the next 20 years. However it also addresses the need to protect the special and unique environment that residents and visitors enjoy alike.
In the plan they state:
"The South Devon ... Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty... are given the highest status of protection in relation to landscape and scenic beauty. Great weight will therefore be given to conserving the landscape and scenic beauty of these designations and their settings."
"The distinctive landscapes of the Undeveloped Coast will be protected and enhanced, particularly within the South Devon Heritage Coast, with support for improvements to public access to and enjoyment of the coast."
and it goes on to say:
"Development which would have a detrimental effect on the undeveloped and unspoilt character, appearance or tranquility of the Undeveloped Coast, estuaries, and the Heritage Coast will not be permitted except under exceptional circumstances."
The Save Bantham Coalition, with your help, will do it's utmost to ensure that the owners excessive development proposals are stopped or severely restricted on these grounds.
Please write to YOUR local Councillor for South Hams, West Devon, or Plymouth, to voice your support for this part of the Joint Local Plan and your objection to the proposed developments at Bantham

Save Bantham – with Twitter

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Twitter is a great way to target individual users, or groups of users. For example, if we decided to try to get the support of Sir Richard Branson we could all tweet our pleas to him, starting the tweet with his handle @richardbranson

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